We are happy to announce that all four films are either in english or with english subtitles! And if you are non Norwegian speaking and want to watch four stunning films with us this year, here are some information in english!


You will find tickets here!

We have four types of tickets. For youths under 16 years old, for subscribers of Fri Flyt, for non subscribers and for those who want to subscribe for Fri Flyt for three months and get full access to our digital platform and you get two rounds of the magazine in your mailbox at home!


We are going to Oslo, Drammen, Kristiansand, Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim, Ålesund and Sogndal.


The show is around 2 hours and 30 minutes and the doors open 30 minutes before we start the show. Check here for where we are at what date and time

When you arrive the venue you show your attached ticket that you got from us on your phone. We will scan this and you will get a ticket from us. During the show you have the opportunity to win really nice prices from our sponsors, so be sure to save your ticket. This is also prof that you have a valid ticket.

There will be a 15 minutes break during the show, after the second film. Then we continue after you have maybe stretched your legs, went to the toilet or got something from the kiosk/bar or what's available at the venue.


We have four films that you can see trailer here!

There are on film about skiexpedition. Vincent Colliard and Caroline Cöté are the first to unsupported crossing Svalbard in winter time. They did so in 63 days and over 1000 kilometer. They have made a documentary that takes us along this struggle in wind, cold, dark and polar nature. A must see!

Our film about whitewater kayaking is from Turkey. Three Norwegian friends travel down to padle this beautiful gorge, The Manavgat. It's good times and the boys are enjoying themself, but suddenly the fun is turned and we are looking at a rescue mission. Eirik is locked in, and have no place to go. But he tries, and this is quite dangerous. Martin and Ruben have a plan to help him out. Join in and watch how this adventure is played out

Two of our best climbers in Norway, Tina J Hafsaas and Thilo Schröter have fall in love in both each other and also the beautiful place of Flatanger. They show us this paradise for climbers, while exploring new routs and pushing their limits. A film about love for climbing and nature. A film about what's right there, under your nose, you just have to find it!

The last film on the program is a film about bikepaking. A film from a bikepacking lover! Mikkel Soya Bølstad intend to show us whats possible from the seat of a bike. He had a dream when he was younger, and now, 30 years later he want to fulfill his dream about riding 700 kilometers from Norway and Kongsberg to Danmark and Copenhagen. On this ride he looks back on adventures that made him who he is today. After watching this you most likely want to start planing an expedition for your self, long or short. And thats what it's all about, going on new adventures.

We welcome all to join in on one of our eight stops, and with this article we hope that our english speaking friends also feel a bit more informed. If not, I hope you will contact us at torerik@friflyt.no